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June 28th – July 9th, 2020


Stefan Bauschard

Stefan is the co-founder of Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes. A debate coach for the Harvard Debate Council for many years, and currently the Debate Coach for Lakeland School District, Stefan has been actively teaching and debating in the U.S. at both the high school and college levels since 1994. During that time, he has taught hundreds of students, developed and tabulated more than seventy-five tournaments, spent thousands of hours developing research and instructional materials for debaters all over the country, and has developed academic speech and debate workshops in the United States and abroad. He will be working with the students on improving the quality of their arguments.

Check back soon—Additional faculty to be added!

Full Schedule

June 28th — Resident Arrival
June 29th — Commuter Arrival, First Day of Class — 9am-6pm
June 30th — 9am-6pm class
July 1st — 9am-6pm class
July 2nd — 9am-6pm class
July 3rd — 9am-6pm class
July 4th — 9am-3pm class, 4th of July activities TBA
July 5th — 9am-6pm class
July 6th — 9am-6pm class
July 7th — 9am-6pm class
July 8th — 9am-6pm class
July 9th — 9am-6pm class

Residents may check out either the evening of the 9th or the morning of the 10th.

Sample Day Schedule

9 A.M. Recap and review previous sessions

10 A.M. Advanced flowing, flowing practice

11 A.M. Lecture: Judge Adaptation

12 P.M.: Lunch

1 P.M.-3 P.M.: Practice Debates

3 P.M.-6 P.M.: Speech redos, debate prep


Resident $3295

Commuter $1895

$200 Discount for DC, MD, VA Residents