GDS Payment


Georgetown Debate Seminar (Policy): $3600 for 3 week Residential, $2,800 for 2 week Residential and for 3 week Commuter.

GDDI Fellows: $7,000 for 7 weeks Residential ($3500 each to Georgetown and Dartmouth).

How to Pay

Georgetown now uses CampusGroups as our online payment platform, available here: (new window). This is our strongly preferred method of payment. All attendees should purchase ONE (1) deposit in the amount of $1000 and ONE (1) Remaining Tuition in the appropriate amount for their program. The Deposit is due by no later than June 10th. The Remaining Tuition is due by no later than the student’s arrival on-campus on June 19th as a precondition for checking in.

We can accept checks and or cash for extenuating circumstances. Please contact us if you would like to pay using one of these methods:

Financial Aid

Admission to the camp is fully need-blind. Financial Aid is available for those with demonstrated financial need. Should you wish to apply for financial aid, please fill out theĀ 2020 financial aid application and submit it via email to